When preparing for a severe rainstorm, be prepared!

Use this checklist to minimize your home’s exposure. Instituting the following precautions, before, during and after a severe rainstorm, windstorm, tornado or hurricane, can help mitigate the severity of the damage as well as enhance the overall safety of your home.

  • Inspect and clean all roof drains.
  • Create suitable permanent levees or flood walls where possible. Plan the placement of sand bags to divert water away from critical buildings. Estimate the number of bags needed and the time needed to fill and place them.
  • Provide barriers or eliminate low-lying doors and other openings in exterior walls. Waterproof basements.
  • Provide shut-off valves on sewer and drainage lines to stop reverse flow.Anchor loose yard storage that is not susceptible to water damage. If possible, relocate outside equipment or materials inside.
  • Shut off all gas supplies before a windstorm strikes.
  • Shut off electrical equipment in areas that might be flooded.
  • Shut off all sensitive electrical equipment, such as computers, before a storm.
  • Keep all fire protection systems operational during a rainstorm. Install barriers around hydrants and control valves to protect them from floating debris that could occur from flood waters.

Review the location, and check the condition of hand-operated domestic valves that have been installed to prevent the backflow through plumbing fixtures or drain sewers. Install valving if necessary.
Clear all floor and yard drains. Monitor these drains during the storm to make sure they remain clear.
If water is expected to enter the facility despite all physical barriers, remove all valuable equipment to a safe location
Develop an emergency contingency plan if the surrounding area is impassable.
Contact manufacturers and contractors of critical machinery to establish a contract for priority support with backups.
Ensure data processing software, files, records, etc.

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